The Coop Ducks Out, Come Say Goodbye!

pc-pdx Jul 04 2009 12:39A 23

the Coop The Coop is dead. After a 17 month run as The Coop, the space moves on and the shows at 3535 N Lombard will cease.

The future of the house is up in the air but according the the Landlord, the house will go in another direction and will not be again leased for the community space that the Lombard house has been running for the last 2 -1/2 years.

The shows will stop at the 3535, but the house may again see old tennants as John Brainard is back in town to possibly open up a coffee shop or hostel... (?)

The last show will probably be the Resistance Fest Northwest day #4 show on Sunday, July 12th. There are two shows that are scheduled for after the 12th that need to be moved so if anybody can help take these two shows - please do!

There will be a wicked awesome garage sale on July 25-26th. Everything will be up for grabs including the couches and ALL of the soundgear. There are two mixing boards (1x24 + 1x16 channel). Two power amps (1x1100W + 1X500W) Speakers, Speaker Cabnets, a bunch of mics and cables and equipment galore.. comment if you want to reserve anything. Please go buy stuff and help minimize the loss from the angry landlord.

talk about it …


  1. This is sad times. Thanks for all yr efforts!

    • David
    • 7/4/2009 2:37:00 AM
  2. Hmmm. our PA speaker is blown, but I think the amp is still good. Talk to me sometime!

    • Phil
    • 7/4/2009 4:27:00 AM
  3. Notorious Kelly

    The building may change but the spirit goes on.


  4. Fuck.
    I'm really going to miss that place.

  5. the coop was a disgrace to the portland music scene... thank fucking mother gaia its gone. | it will always remain brainstains at heart |

  6. The Coop

    Fuck the portland music scene. We like cool people who respect our shit and the community that we support. Community is rad, fuck your scene. Go spend your last $3 on your favorite malt beverage of the week, stiff the touring bands and throw up in somebody elses yard.

  7. jayawesome

    the coop had over 100 all ages shows in the year and a half of its operation. that sure is disgraceful....

  8. This is very sad. Only further proof that all good things must come to an end. Long Live the Coop in memory and spirit!

    Lucas-Anchor Down

  9. milesmouthguard

    We love love love all of you... We will be their in spirit for sure. You we're our favorite place to play.. I don't look forward to having to find a new home base for shows when we come home!

    Much love.

    Nate Allen

  10. Goodbye! I don't know what was the best; the music, the people, or the ducks. definitely going to miss the coop.

  11. cowchampion



    I will miss the coop.

  12. JayAwesome

    The last show at the coop ever is July 12th (Day 4 of Resistance Fest.) Come out and pay your respects. Except B@D Y3LLOW B!TCH, you can go fuck yourself.

  13. The Coop was the first venue where I really felt welcome. There was no "who's that new guy" vibe, or trendy not-here-for-the-music crowd. I'm really excited to be so involved in the community (not the damn scene) the way I am now, and it couldn't have happened without The Coop.

    Let's make these last shows memorable.


    • Phil
    • 7/6/2009 4:06:00 PM
  14. Is it cool if I drink my malt beverages and puke in your lawn as long a I support the touring bands?

  15. This is way sad. I've had so many awesome times at Brainstains/The Coop.

  16. Noooo!

    we are proud to have played the coop.


  17. This is a heavy weight to carry. That house has meant family for a long time now. I can just hope that something or someone or some house can pick up where it leaves off.

    Jay--When can we start pooping? ahh it's a joke.

  18. JayAwesome

    The Coop was the first place I've called home in many, many years. I love everyone I met here. We will not destroy it, we will clean it out and respect the motherfuckers that are taking it over. Anyone who's down should come help.

  19. evilucas

    I'll be there Sunday. As we all know, Yellow Cocksucker can go fuck themselves. Keep playing in saturday market with all your pretend to be homeless friends.

    As for the garage sale, I was wondering if I could get dibs on two microphones? I need some bad.

  20. Bad Times

    Fun to the last. Thanks for giving people a place to be.

  21. nina

    thank you everyone at the coop who has helped me find good friends and thank you for being a safe place to hang out. i had a lot of amazing times at the coop and will always remember the long trek on the #75 bus to get there.

    much love forever to the community and all the beautiful people.

    • nina
    • 7/14/2009 12:00:00 AM
  22. damian and crew you guys were fuckin of the best house venues in guys werent pretentious like so many who run houses in town...thanks for being so accomodating and for fuckin dancin at our will be missed! -brian

    • bodhi
    • 7/22/2009 10:17:00 AM
  23. pc-pdx

    Check it out: Scragz got a rad bootleg of most of the last show (ResistanceFest NW) including the Heil Siezures | The Atomic Butter Babes at their true finest (thanks Walt) | Fixed Gears | POP and audio of the Ducks and their blood thirst.
    Thanks Scragz!

    • pc-pdx
    • 8/14/2009 10:30:00 AM
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