Summerfector Defective Revenge of The Big Black Cloud

stankhouse Aug 04 2009 3:45P 16

"Here Comes A Big Black Cloud vows revenge!" yelled cloud guitarist, Danger Dagger after the fifth attempt to crank the generator had failed." The Taxpayers must feel my wrath!" he added.

The two bands were the last on the roster at this years summer version of "Defector Fest",sunday afternoon at Overlook Park in North Portland. The festival was a three day event celebrating portland punk, metal, hardcore and whatnot.

This show was to be a VS show. Two bands would set up across from each other in a face off position and take turns playing songs. The Honduran vs Anon Remora bout was spectacular and ended in a stalemate. They were both just that good. Drunken Boat and Down River didn't participate in the match and played there own sets and good but didn't keep my attention enough for me to care. Wandering around in the sun I got progressively drunker and more stoned, awaiting the match of the century, Here Comes A Big Black Cloud!! versus The Taxpayers. Finally, it was to come but instead some shitty ass, lame band (not even worth mentioning because I already forgot there unmemorable, boring ass, lame name which was actually a pretty good match for the crap they were trying to pass off for music)played. Apparently, they just hopped on the show because their show at The Know had gotten canceled.

"Dick my balls!!" someone exclaimed in disgust, and I agreed. Dick my balls, indeed.

Soon after, the cops arrived. There was much deliberating and haggling over permits. The organizers tried to stall until they left, but the Po Po showed no sign of going. The situation seemed bleak but the bands decided to play anyway. If the cops are gonna shut it down its gonna be for a reason. The generator was cranked on, they turned up there amps and as they blasted out the first notes of the first song the generator sputtered off and died.

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud!! will be playing Wednesday August 12th at the Camel House. 7503 N. Kerby on the corner of Lombard. This show will serve as the kickoff show for a month long national tour.

-alexander colfax

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  1. This Taxpayers vs. HCABBC show neeeeds to happen, straightjackin!

    • CM
    • 8/4/2009 4:18:00 PM
  2. danger

    Yeah. I thought it was cool that Defector was letting people in from outside of their elite circle. Too bad neither band got to play.

  3. pc-pdx

    Despite being totally hijacked by other, not as exciting, happenings - we were totally jizzed to see this line-up. It's rad when the elite circles that pdx is often victim of are broken. Too bad the line up didn't get to happen as planned but hopefully it will happen soon (read: somebody make it happen), both bands are quite fantastic.

    If anybody has any pics from the Summerfector shows, please get in touch.

  4. i thought this was so fucked up. i had to leave at a cartain time and was waiting as patiently as i could (though i was high with excitement) to see this fantastic battle take place, especially because it would be a thunder bolt right through the thigh of the pdx elite metal "scene". so there i was, about to be pleased by the cloud once again when suddenly, i heard THE most unapeasing sounds merrily being blasted from the stage- it was this unmentionable and horrid band that fucked the first hole through the nutsack of this event. once they finally finished, the cloud would, as we all thought and hoped, get their groove on. but instead the bands from the cancelled show hualed their therribly rude asses in and fucked everyone over, cheating them out of the performance that was supposed to complete a perfectly awesome, and musically united evening at the park. fuck them, who over they are. i left as soon as i heard about it and i think that everyone should have. no matter what, that is the shittiest attitude and they deserve to be greatly dissrespected back after hypocritically booting someone else out of their own show.

    lets give here comes a big black cloud a heck of a night tonight at the camel house!



  5. i mean... next wednesday...

  6. As my mother tells me, each time I lose out on another job because of failing an automated personality test, all things happen for a reason.

    While disappointing, I'm wholly confident that the generator only faltered and sputtered to it's death, not from a power overload, extended use, or some mundane oil or gas issue, but the generator knew that it was powering an unholy battle between The (normal sized, various color) Taxpayers and The Big Black Cloud it's fluctuating magnetic field of a heart. It understood the repercussion of such an event, that the pagoda in Overlook Park could not withstand such a force, and a more suitable location must be found.

    10 horse power generator? Please. You need at least 17 horses, 3 oxen, a three-toed sloth and at least 5 or more types of beetle power to run The Taxpayers. And that's just an acoustic set. I'm not sure what type of power Here Comes a Big Black Cloud have to use, but I'm sure it's right up there.

    I'm thinking instead of shooting a rocket into the moon, NASA should just move us on up there, and our combined forces of versus rocking will blow a much better crater than some Aries Rocket.

    Fuck broken generators
    Fuck that pagoda
    and most importantly:
    Fuck the moon!
    Fuck the moon!

    Bring it on, Cloud!

    Thank you Defector for all the work, things didn't pan out this year but the weekend of shows were great. We're disappointed we didn't get to play, but we were stoked for the opportunity your work gave us. Next time!

    • phil
    • 8/5/2009 5:01:00 PM
  7. Bad Times

    Just got back from camping and am glad to see other people are expressing their disappointment about this. Its suck to have a band wait around 4-6 hours and then not get to play. From my personal point of view I think its almost unforgivable. The disappointment is twofold when the band that made viewing the Big Black Cloud/Taxpayers showdown impossible, Maraud, is a rather "recreational" band. Yet, even though I feel my favorite band (and another extremely good band with a large non-metal following) got the shaft, it happened because of bad luck and not because of any malicious plotting. I think its great the Defector includes the Overlook Park show in their Summerfector line-up. No one could determine that the generator would give out. Its unfortunate that the metal crowd didn't get to hear the Big Black Cloud's new material, which is much more accessible to them then the Cloud's previous material.

  8. It was unfortunate that no one showed up at 2pm like the flier said. I was there with a bout 20 people. This fest is getting ripped on for the wrong reasons. These dudes had to deal with a bunch of crybaby bands that shifted their time slots and days like crazy. there were so many cancellations and late night phone calls and last minute bands sharing gear. I would never in a million years take on the task of booking a 4 day punk fest and hardly charge anything at all. They lost around $500 total. The free generator show that everyone is whining about cost $300 in permits plus their own generator that was expensive. Hell they even almost got tickets from the merciless cops. Oh and they even fed everyone who was interested! Have any of you elitists ever done anything remotely this generous? I was disappointed with bands getting screwed over as well. I respect every band that played or that didn't. Get over it and book your own shows. Someone could have had the show continue at their house...

  9. stankhouse

    The original blog here was not intended as an attack towards Defector or the event organizers but only to express and illustrate the curse of the big black cloud!! in a humorous lighthearted fashion. Summerfector ruled and of course thanks to Sean and Defector for making it happen.

  10. pc-pdx

    I don't believe anybody on here was complaining at all towards the Defector or the awesome people that have gone out of their way to host such an awesome event. Many of the people that have commented on this blog DO indeed go out of their way to be awesome in the same fashion and DO give full respect and support to where it is deserved (At least four of the commentors thus far do book and have host shows). This is a fun storey and we thank the Stank for posting it.

  11. danger

    yeah. And it's too bad Marauds show got canceled at the Know. It's cool they got to play.
    Oh, and did anyone see that band Down River? They were badassssssssss!

  12. Bad Times

    Did Maraud's show at the Know get canceled? They were supposed to play with one other band and Raw Nerves. From what I heard the out of town band canceled. I also heard Raw Nerves played at the Know. The story of the canceled show doesn't make sense.

  13. pc-pdx

    The Taxpayers ended up playing the Know that night and were raving about how Raw Nerves played and just killed it that night. -can't wait to see them again.

  14. Originally the show cancelled at the know, and the organizers thought that there was going to be time for everyone to play at the park. This obviously didn't work. Raw Nerves drove like maniacs from Arcata to the park and unloaded and then loaded back up and went to the know and got to play with The Taxpayers. The owner of the know was pissed that show was back on and gave each band limited time.

    • tbone
    • 8/7/2009 4:12:00 PM
  15. cowchampion

    hug session!!!!

    who's got a boner?

    i do....

  16. jayawesome

    You know I do.

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