Bad Times Best New Bands of 2010

Bad Times May 06 2010 5:38P 12

This is my annual obligatory response to the Willamette Week’s Best New Bands feature. These are the best new-to-me bands I’ve seen since last May. I've tried to exclude bands formed before 2008. I’m sure you have your own lists, so feel free to post them below!

1. Asss

Not to be confused with Wampire.

2. Dinner and the Maincourse

Short-lived no-wave, post-punk inspired band that broke up too soon. But it appears they are reuniting for a show on June 4th at the Mudai Lounge. I couldn’t find any videos or photos of them online.

3. Honduran

Grunge-tinged grindcore from the tenants of the Brick Shithouse. I think I have filmed this band more than any other.

4. Teeath

I don’t know much about this band. They are apparently on hiatus because one of their band members is out of the country. Video below by Nathan Backous.

5. Tiny Knives

Loud, aggressive rock in the riot grrrl mold. I’m not sure that description or this video I took does them justice.

Honorable mentions:
- Earlier in the year I unintentionally wandered into two very intense and fun Kotten-Dik shows. Still looking to see more of this band.
- Terraform has evolved into a very impressive band.
- And, although I’ve only seen them live once, I’ve really enjoyed the recordings Best Supporting Actress has on their myspace page.

talk about it …


  1. I really appreciate the fact that you do this. This is what Best New Band should be about--starting a conversation and helping each other to jump into all the great music this town has to offer. Thanks!

  2. Bad Times

    I just realized I left Ribcages off the honorable mentions. They're another band I'm hoping to see more of.

  3. drose

    yeah...well done badtimes, your insight and documentation is appreciated. on the ribcages/kotten-dik "hoping to see more of" note; i've just confirmed billings for both bands and would encourage folks to see for themselves and weigh in on the hype (05/20 kotten-dik/cat stalks bird @ ducketts - 06/18 ribcages/ghostwriter/pure country gold @ the know). i guess honorable mentions are about all i have for you.

    • drose
    • 5/10/2010 8:05:00 PM
  4. jon_benet

    why, terraform and ribcages are playing the 17th at billy ray's. what a wonderful chance to see this year's runners-up play together!

  5. You can also enjoy the largest chilled beer mugs served in Portland while you listen to the loudest bands in Portland!

  6. more metal forever

  7. Bad Times

    I wish we had a hip-hop ambassador. I know nothing about Portland hip-hop.

  8. pc-pdx

    Ice Rod was the jamm for pdx hip-hop but he done move backed to mnlps.
    Quixotic (mnlps transplants, go figure) impressed me quite a bit way back during the Coop days. They were neat for doing full live band with rad guitar, they play forever though. I'll forever have a 22 minute punk-rock attention span. I've seen Demune rock a few times and i think he posts on here. Drew: be our hip-hop Bad Times?

  9. nina

    the Portland hip hop scene is under appreciated. Improv Logic is an amazingly talented poet who raps excitably, sometimes over simple beats, sometimes freestyle without, and occasionally is backed by what ever musicians find themselves in the band room. He is straight from PDX proper. Also much of the hip hop here is touring groups from seattle, and occasionally Canada. I have personally seen The Knightcaps, The Disjointed Isotopes, The Elements, and Moka Only. All of the above listed groups and artists come to town quite often and carry quite a bit of promise.

    • nina
    • 5/15/2010 10:26:00 PM
  10. suggestions from a follower:
    Check out Cloudy October, Luck-One, the Chicharones (Josh Martinez and Sleep), Tope & Epp, Illmaculate, Serge Severe, Darrel Jr., Debaser, V!rtu, Animal Farm, Mic Crenshaw, Santozin, DJ Wicked, Live & Direct at Holocene (with Tre from the Pharcyde!), the Fix at Someday Lounge, Rockbox at Holocene... so many more! But the good shit is out there!

    • casey
    • 5/18/2010 11:24:00 AM

    bootleg of one of their last shows (I think)... stoked to see them for the first time on june 4th if that's happening

    • dave
    • 5/20/2010 6:07:00 PM
  12. pc-pdx

    To that note->
    And yeah, Dinner is rad as shit!

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Mike Teal @six below midnight, the [Feb 25, 2023] » This will be a BLAST!!! Come on out and get your Rock on!!!
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Alex Fast Debut single out now! punk/post-punk/noise. Limited vinyl copies at the shows.
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pc-pdx @J - This site is alive as people want it to be since it's a WIKI that anybody can post to. ¤ ¤ The pandemic crushed everything in March 2020. I used to spend a few dozen hours per week (!) tracking shows and keeping the info updated but The Guide now has to rely on awesome homies like Schwartz/No Fun/ ++YOU++ to make use of the WIKI functionality to put the word out here. ¤ D.I.T. :: Do It Together!!
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🛒 Punk in this town is dead. Hardcore, post-punk both suck as well.
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J Hey 10 year ago I used pc pdx a lot to find local shows. What’s the best resource now? Seems dead here
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🛒 Who these rich pricks paying $30-$40 to see Fear and Murder City Devils on New Years??? FU!!!!
-12/21/2022 12:33:53 PM
Jake Saturday 12/10 HWM, space rock and prog rock with LiquidLight, Ghost Frog and National Diet!
-12/6/2022 10:22:33 AM
goofster15 @dante's [Dec 17, 2022] » UNTO OTHERS + ETERNAL CHAMPION + HOAXED AT DANTE'S SATURDAY DECEMBER 17TH - UO only headliner this year in pdx, EC coming up from philly and Texas for their first pdx show. Hoaxed first gig since the release of their Relapse Records debut "Two Shadows"
-12/2/2022 8:28:19 PM
fuck hardcore why are bands who play d-beat/hardcore accepted when they sound exactly the same/boring/unoriginal/rifoff/cliche as 1000's of other bands??????
-10/31/2022 4:46:25 PM
NASALROD + GAYTHEIST (co-headline!) at Lollipop Shoppe on Sat Nov 26th!! @lollipop shoppe [Nov 26, 2022] » Hey all! Brand new pdx venue Lollipop Shoppe has just opened at SE Grand & Morrison. NASALROD & GAYTHEIST will perform a co-headline show there together on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26th!! Our friend DJ Mottavader will be spinning tunes throughout the night as well. SAVE THE DATE!!!
-10/29/2022 3:57:41 PM
THE AVENGERS + NASALROD + BAD SEX AT MISSISSIPPI STUDIOS: WED SEPT 28TH!! @mississippi studios [Sep 28, 2022] » This coming WEDNESDAY!!! NASALROD is excited to finally be playing again! This will be our 2nd show back (since the pandemic). We are totally HONORED to share the stage with first wave punk LEGENDS The Avengers! Plus, they'll have Hector from THE ZEROS on bass! Portland's own Bad Sex will kick off the show! Tix…read the full comment
-9/24/2022 12:52:53 PM
show-bot! @firkin tavern, the [Sep 30, 2022] » Yooooooo - welcome home!
-9/21/2022 8:35:39 PM
Owen Yooooooo I grew up on this website - moved away but I'm coming back to town with my band Agouti on 9/30 to play the Firkin, would love to see you there
-9/21/2022 8:21:05 PM
🛒 Rontoms is booking bands for November and December Sunday Sessions. Email is on their Instagram page.
-9/21/2022 1:23:52 PM
DRY WEDDING DRY WEDDING is psyched to be playing with FRANTARTICA & garage rock greats LO FIVES at The Six this Saturday the 24th. Should be a fun one!
-9/20/2022 5:23:08 PM
show-bot! @crystal ballroom [Sep 24, 2022] » If you don't have a show booked here in Portland, OR - don't vandalize the site. ¤ It's simple stuff.
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madp aka dj cabana SHOW-BOT i at my show cant wait to meet you ok
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madp aka dj cabana @crystal ballroom [Sep 24, 2022] » go bot i meet you there ok looking forward to meet you ok i be there at that time show i we be waiting to meet you ok and my fans see you there ok
-9/17/2022 11:21:51 AM
show-bot! @crystal ballroom [Sep 24, 2022] » Thanks for flagging
-9/16/2022 1:46:46 PM
agit @crystal ballroom [Sep 24, 2022] » Yet another Cabana bullshit listing
-9/16/2022 12:02:08 PM
@yamhill pub [Sep 17, 2022] » this is gonna fuckin rip
-9/14/2022 3:09:31 PM
THE AVENGERS + NASALROD + BAD SEX at Mississippi Studios: Wed Sept 28th!! @mississippi studios [Sep 28, 2022] » NASALROD is excited to finally be playing again! This will be our 2nd show back (since the pandemic). We are totally HONORED to share the stage with first wave punk LEGENDS The Avengers! Plus, they'll have Hector from THE ZEROS on bass! Tix available now! -Nasalrod
-9/11/2022 8:16:50 PM
ShallowGrove @jaja pdx [Nov 11, 2022] » Super Excited
-9/11/2022 6:14:27 PM
NOOOOOO @fixin' to, the [Sep 02, 2022] » I FORGOT ABOUT THIS!!!!! SHITTTTTTTT IS IT TOO LATE TO GO???
-9/2/2022 9:44:06 PM
Miranda Howdy! ¤ ¤ TOMORROW Friday AUGUST 12th ¤ Come see an epic two band line up on the patio of Kenton Club 6pm ¤ Crystal Canopy with Noah Kite ¤ ¤ Both bands have STRINGS
-8/11/2022 8:32:48 PM
agit @dante's [Aug 06, 2022] » FUCK YES! RIXE!
-8/5/2022 7:46:40 PM
Henry Turner @clinton street theater [Aug 26, 2022] » cool! but when are which bands playing? There are two days! ¤ Please post the bands on the listings so people can find + search. I just happened to see this but wouldn't have known Char Project was playing otherwise - eventhough I have 'em in my subscriptions
-7/24/2022 2:57:03 PM
Jake Coming up this Sunday the 22nd at No Fun, my experimental prog project National Diet perform our full album. Sharing the stage with two wonderfully quirky high energy rock bands.
-7/21/2022 11:19:52 AM
🛒 Do you know if Justin Bieber is coming to Portland? I am so going if he is.
-7/19/2022 2:25:34 PM
NASALROD + WILD POWWERS at a RONTOMS SUNDAY SESH on JULY 31st! @rontoms [Jul 31, 2022] » Coming up quick! On our own Mandy Morgan's b-day we're gonna play our 1st show in like 2 & 1/2 freakin years! With our buds from Seattle, Wild Powwers! Got lotsa new tunes for ya! This'll be less than a week after Chair's bday & 2 days before Mustin's, so it'll be our 'Leo trio' celebration. Doors at 8, Music at…read the full comment
-7/18/2022 5:40:44 PM
:Plesae Tour in usa is Coming uk very Soon needing band to cover me on tour
-7/17/2022 12:56:11 PM
Parker Too bad the members of No Longer Human are Neonazis. I guess it isn't that surprising with the racist problem in the industrial and goth crowd.
-7/12/2022 4:09:59 PM
agit Can anyone confirm whether Brain Tourniquet & Hologram are playing Blackwater on Jul 3?
-7/1/2022 9:03:40 PM
bastardsalt @fixin' to, the [Jun 28, 2022] » High energy punk show on a Tuesday?! Uh, hell yeah it is! Stoked to play with Bad Optics, and Plume (again). Don't miss this one! Shows aren't just for the weekend - hope to see y'out there!
-6/18/2022 2:01:48 PM
Buxtum Thirdmore @bare bones [Jun 18, 2022] » Speaking of the upcoming Howie and the Hotknives show, 6/18/22- What ever happened to their Drinking For Free song? I remember it was on their myspace. That song would be good for Portlandia or something, great songs! Want It, Drinking For Free! Does anybody know where I can download or find vinyl of their songs?…read the full comment
-6/8/2022 3:54:47 PM
🛒 I saw a bunch of skinheads outside of Twilight Cafe and Bar on the weekend. Open that place up already! Oi oi oi
-6/8/2022 9:22:57 AM
Chairman (of THE CHAIR PROJECT & NASALROD) @republic cafe, the [Jun 25, 2022] » It's the 100 YEAR Anniversary of THE REPUBLIC CAFE! I'll be doing my bass & vocal solo thing (THE CHAIR PROJECT) with my pals MASONIQUE & THTB. SAT JUNE 25th. See you there! -Chairman
-6/3/2022 9:30:28 PM

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