Satyricon to close FOREVER, Last Show: Halloween 2010

pc-pdx Aug 03 2010 11:56P 22

The legendary punk club is in it's last few weeks - it will be shutting down for good on Halloween.

Here's a quote from the upcoming Willy Week [don't hurt me casey!]

"Satyricon, once the longest-running indie rock nightclub on the West Coast and one of Portland’s few all ages venues, will close its doors for good this October. The building housing the venerable venue has been purchased by local outreach/housing program the MacDonald Center and is slated to be demolished to make way for a new shelter. The club, which shut down once before in 2003 after an initial two-decade run (when the club opened in 1984, WW’s Zach Dundas noted at it’s ‘03 closure, there was “no Pearl District, no River District, no Chinese Garden, no MAX”), is planning a string of high-profile farewell shows in October, with the final blast happening on Halloween. Satyricon has been open in its current all ages format since 2006. Stay tuned to for details as they emerge."

--read the full story on Local Cut (They may not know how to spell Halloween, but they know what's going on.)

talk about it …



    such is life...

  2. I remember hearing about this for so long... a year at least... you half-hope it isn't really so... but it's really been lingering... the club is a shadow... and no one has the vision and money and energy to really make it what it might be. There is no art to it anymore. I was so sad when I went in there last October to see the condition of the place... but so loved the feeling of the stage. the art and the energy and the power of it. it's over.

    • Erika
    • 8/4/2010 11:53:44 AM
  3. Bad Times

    This sucks.

  4. radthadd

    Im going to miss the place! It is a staple of my growing up in portland. it hosted some amazing shows over the years. it is not to be forgotten. i will miss satyricon greatly.

  5. it's about time...from what i've experienced and heard from other bands--these guys were, for the most part, assholes and treated most bands and customers like shit...good riddance i say. lets hope for a better venue in its place!

    • rhems
    • 8/12/2010 1:51:38 PM
  6. dainger

    I don't think its fair to say that those guys are assholes. I mean come on! It's tough shit to run an all ages venue in this town. The cool part is that they remained true to the All Ages, scene when they could of just told all those spoiled kids to Fuck off. Realistically, there is more money to be had in a 21+ venue which will probably be the "better" venue that'll get put there. So, there you go.

  7. pc-pdx

    Dain hit it on this one.
    It's really shitty to run a All Ages space in portland. For the most part, the only people that appreciate that effort are the 14yr old kids that haven't made it into the PDX house scene yet. Once they do, it's not cool to go to any venues anymore because of a million dickhead,cool-kid reasons. I know it unfair to lump everybody into that group - there are always exceptions, but there definitely is that "cool-kid, i only like house parties" stigma in this town.

    The Satyricon was the pdx CBGBs. Once it flipped to an All Ages operation it introduced a lot of kids to a lot of cool shit. -That's awesome. Jeff (Kingbanana) did a great job saving the place. -It was gone for 2+ years as some douchey dance club (Icon) before it was brought back to host snotty teens having a good time. -I totally appreciate that.

    There's nothing going there in its place. No Bar shows, nothing. It's going to be demolished and a new outreach center (as my understanding) put in it's place.
    That's one less venue for music in Portland and that sucks.

  8. Bad Times

    Who says there will be a replacement venue? From what I've heard Sisters of the Road Cafe is also getting torn down.

  9. it's gonna be an outreach center he said

    • jebby
    • 8/13/2010 10:15:06 AM
  10. I still can't change my name! Anyway, as for satyricon, I want to bring something up:
    House shows are more fun. what is wrong with that? They are free. Everyone can come. You can drink. you don't have to worry about re-entry. I guess I don't see what's wrong with that.
    I think its a little rash to jump to the conclusion that kids "only like house shows because thats the 'kewl' thing to like."
    Satyricon has some awesome history, but now that no one goes there maybe its time to let it go.

    Also consider that the end of satyricon by no means the only staple of portland music and local music will live on: therefor, it seems that an outreach center will do some good for it. an outreach center sounds better to me than a divy all ages punk rock club that hosts (mostly) shitty bands and involves (mostly) a couple people hanging out and doing drugs in the bathroom.

    • AWC
    • 8/13/2010 12:48:17 PM
  11. Drinking is for the feeble minded, and those who can't appreciate music on it's own. It shouldn't be associated with house shows as a positive thing.

  12. Bad Times

    I was anti-drinking and anti-drugs for over half my life and it made me miserable and pretty damn unpleasant to be around. I thought I was being rebellious and punk but I was just being stupid and judgmental. Some people drink, some don't. Some who drink are feeble-minded, some aren't. So what?

  13. Carls

    What do you mean house shows are free? Unless you know for sure that it's free, you should assume that it's not. Even when there is nobody collecting money, which there often is, you are still supposed to give a couple bucks whenever there are bands from elsewhere.

    • Carls
    • 8/15/2010 3:45:29 AM
  14. dainger

    Actually, most house shows are free. The money that you give is taken as a donation, not admission. Usually, the donation is sliding scale and no one is turned away for lack of funds. BUT, if you lack funds because you just spent it on a bunch of beer to drink at the show then too bad. Go drink your beer in a park. If you do have money and don't donate for the touring band then you are just an asshole. Fortunately, most people donate at house shows in Portland if they have the money. It's also very helpful if the organizers are dedicated about taking donations.

  15. Yeah, almost every house show i've been to is free. Sometimes a donation bucket comes around and throw in a buck or two if i got it. However, still, i've been to hundreds of house shows and they almost never cost money, because most of the ones i've been to don't even have a touring band.
    Oh, and "reality:" Way to be a straightedge pretentious dick. Obviously your little judgements about people who like to drink. Great job, everyone thinks like you now, you are god. You did it, you finally broke through, because of corse, you are right and everyone else is wrong.

    • AWC
    • 8/15/2010 10:59:08 AM
  16. All I am saying man, is Portland is an unattractive place to tour because most people don't donate when they can somehow magically afford beer and cigarettes. Plus, all these issues with vandalism and fights lately would easily be curbed if houses just laid down the law early, and put a set of rules out there prior to the show. If you're seriously trying to pretend alcohol is essential to house shows you really need to grow up.

  17. radthadd

    this is missing the point. satyricon will be demolished. i guess no re-entry and maybe a 5+ dollar door cost put a bad taste in some peoples mouths, but it is really about the history of the space. amazing shows have happened there since before it re opened. 20 years of history. since it reopened they have worked there asses off to keep it open for the sake of all ages. i have seen bands at satyricon that i will never see again. it comes down to loving music. i have seen some awesome house shows in my day but satyricon has done a lot of the portland music scene weather it is noticed or not.

  18. I don't think the vandalism and fights would change, the guys who do that just like to piss people off weather they have been drinking or not. plus, they can get drunk around the corner.
    And I feel like you might be kidding yourself a little bit that house shows don't also operate as a party as an essential part of the definition of the concept. You can talk to death while using worlds like "should" and "could," but at the end of the day, most of the people at the show are drinking.

    I tots agree that people who start fights and vandalize should be banned from the scene (because everyone knows who they are... well, at least I do...) but I don't think its fair to try to make everyone stop drinking. The "scene" is not going to magically turn edge. The "reality" is that some people would rather buy a 6 pack than give 5 dollars to a band they have never heard and might not even care for.
    maybe they have extra dough and are generous, but maybe not.

    Again, Woulda shoulda couldas are irrelevant.

    • AWC
    • 8/16/2010 12:56:39 PM
  19. PDC are the ones behind this curtain. In addition to Sytiricon Sisters of the Road, an orginization of volunteers committed to serving those most in need, have been displaced from that block as well. Also, just around the corner, the block where the Dirty Duck (PDX's oldest gay bar) was forced out along with an artists glass blowing shop which has stood strong since the 70's and the Crack Press. This building has deep roots in this town. The Wipers recorded there. James Chasse used to hang there. These are 100 year old beautiful buildings. They are stealing our history and ways of life. They are tearing down buildings in the down town area and getting a hefty political pat on the back for a good 'ol spit shine job Old Town. It's an appalling attempt to sweep the houseless population under the rug in the name of "business", aka consumerism in the guise of public assistance. It’s just another dirty bandage on our gushing wounds. RISE UP! TAKE BACK THE STREETS!

  20. ^
    The now is more important than history, change is the only constant.
    you'll be a lot happier if you remember that. Satyricon in going away and chances are no one is going to end up changing that. Such is life.

    • AWC
    • 8/16/2010 6:01:12 PM
  21. Phil Gobstopper

    Reality -- We can change that image. The last shows I've been involved in, either organizing or just helping out, have had pretty solid donations.

    By introducing yourself at the front door, posting or telling people where the show is happening, what the order is, where the bathroom is, general house rules, and being genuinely welcoming, people are more likely to donate.

    It's important to stress the importance of donations, but be sure to let someone know that we'd rather have them there than not, even if they don't have money. It's tough to balance, but you can do it with planning.

    Remember some people may bring beer they had, or buy it on a card or whatnot, so don't assume they're an asshole. Just remind them to pack a couple bucks next time if possible. Or donate some of that beer to the band.

  22. Satyricon sucks anyways, horrible sound....except when I saw dayglo Abortions

    • Wheezy
    • 8/17/2010 11:49:17 PM
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