Stag Bitten @ House of Preblon

Bad Times Oct 30 2010 7:34P 20

In the first video they cover Crass and James Brown. I don't know the last song. In the second video they cover Nirvana, Devo, and do some of their own songs.

talk about it …


  1. jazzwus

    as rad as this show was musically and as much as i love every band that played, i'm getting increasingly tired of drunk idiots disrespecting bands and show spaces. specifically, that curly haired tall blonde guy who kept throwing beers at the bands/vans while they were trying to load in and out.

    yeah sorry we have to park 10 feet away from you and load our gear in already pretty stressful and chaotic conditions. thanks for that, jackass. and also good job smashing bottles and leaving broken glass where people have to park to get their shit out.

    people were being extremely rude to bands while they were trying to load gear in and out of the house, but i guess that is a part of it, so whatever. though it does seem to give new meaning to the phrase "here we are now, entertain us." its like the bands are doing drunk assholes a favor by paying for our own gas, hauling gear upstairs, dealing with disorganized set times, all for free without a second thought or complaint. he also tried to start physical altercations with a few people, and i'm glad people had the sense not to be baited by this fucking drunk clown.

    its easy to blame it on the alcohol. whatever. me and a whole lot of other people in the musical community are getting pretty sick of this kind of shit. nothing against house of preblon, the dudes who run the site and the shows are genuinely good people. but yeah, fuck the idiots who make shows like this increasingly less fun to be a part of. I'm speaking on behalf of my self and a couple of other people though not everyone, ill admit.

    I know a lot of people had a good time, but i don't get why grown adults act this way. to the people who were running "security" and that live there, as a musician who has played at your house and as the roadie of one of the bands who played last night, how about telling bozos like that to cut it the fuck out or ask them to leave. thanks.

  2. Bad Times

    Drink the beer people, don't throw it around! Don't throw it at bands, don't throw it out windows!

    But seriously, I've come to blame much of the stupidity I see at house shows on noobs who just can't handle the awesomeness of house shows.

  3. houseofpreblon

    We are as sick of it as you. It is also why we really only can hold one show a month (if that) despite being overloaded with requests for shows. The toll it takes on not just us but our neighbors, aside from the noise, the whole b...lock cleanup due to the smashing of bottles and throwing beer in our house is significant. we also tried to eject people, especially during drunk dad, from the living room and one of our house members (the guy who does most of the recordings for the site, not security or anything) actually had to lay out two people on the street who attacked him with a power drill when he tried to eject them from the block....Not fun to deal with.

    The two major aspects of the negativity seems to also be the two major aspects of why shows at Preblon are amazing. Location, and also sadly the house's penchant (at least the last 3 big shows) to book heavy bands. Location in that being on a block where our neighbors are warehouses or enjoy the parties with us and the street is closed for construction is great - we can have a pretty intense, almost festival-like block party events where people can hang on the street in the hundreds between being cramped in the intimate show space. But, due to that and the way we are the walking route between Sassy's and Union Jacks the shows are going to always attract an element of people who are in a vulgar state, way too drunk, and have no idea what diy culture is. As Brandon said - people who don't go to shows or who know the difference between a frat party and house show. There's that, and also some of the heavier bands draw in kids who aren't about community or diy and just about "breaking shit." And this goes on at other great houses that are now defunct because of this. They don't see the nuance between some of the bands we book who are more hardcore and the ones who are more lo-fi-ish nor understand the similar cultures and influences they share, hence why they play together. you know...

    i see you guys at shows at valentines, but not these kids who were at dekum, that house that got their stove ripped out and shit, and preblon. noobs and whatnot. at the same time we also like the anarchic nature and of course all ages vib...e of house shows. that's kind of the point, as opposed to the bit of a stifling atmosphere at even the most swell bar and their age restrictions. we were all once punk ass noobs who didn't know shit and couldn't get into shows. some of us may have one point been a broseph walking between strip clubs before happening on a house show. and i'd say the majority of those noobs or outsiders usually act normal and have a great time - some are dicks and attack us with power drills because we open our house and possessions to them and bands to get possibly destroyed. that's life i suppose.

    I don't really have a solution. That's the nature of the shows here. It's going to be a bit out of control and wild. It's an's alive and def never boring..but also it's going to be a turn off to some. It's walking into a terrordome at times. If we have to get more militant in security in that we have to physically altercate with people every five seconds and be on guard, this kind of loses its fun. I know for a fact if there's any major assault we catch we don't let it slide. but i mean, at the point we have to act as we work at Crystal Ballroom is the point we stop doing shows. Despite the drama, it's only been a few bad apples it seems and a lot of cleanup. I hope that doesn't sour people who want to have fun from coming. I can assure you that some of the destructive shit at the houses i mentioned above wouldn't get a chance to happen here, but i mean like those houses we can't be everywhere and super human. we have to hope people are chill and have faith they don't attack us, the bands or our stuff. The only other solution i'd have at all would be for bands, though it sucks and is lame and whatnot, is arrive earlier befor

  4. houseofpreblon

    ..before the crowd with their gear and store it in the kitchen and the bedrooms like we did at our last two shows (i think the hornet leg/stag/droni and tiny knives/fuck mountain/cat stalks/grrrl/dinner shows) where there were less issues in general (at least from our view). Other than that i dunno. We can't really control who shows up unless we book all mellow shit or stop doing shows. :-( I hope it was a fun time mostly for all, aside from those few dicks.

  5. jazzwus

    i appreciate and relish in the actual anarchic nature of the shows that happen at HoP. I guess I personally have felt fed up with jackasses who don't really give a shit about the intent of having a rad free open space that hosts pretty kickass bands, in their own homes. Like i said, nothing against yall at the house. I guess im kindof a whinet right now, i can totally suck it up and get over it.

    I just think we are all capable of a little bit more vigilance and making sure that our homies don't get attacked with drills and certain jackoidal creatures aren't left unchecked when throwing beers at the very bands that brought them a fucking killer show/party.

    i really hope this does not come off as appreciative, because it is ppl like you that are carrying the torch when all kinds of forces want to put the flame out.

  6. jazzwus

    oops sorry, its halloween now.
    "really hope this does not come off as appreciative,"

    should have read as oes not come off as UNappreciativ

  7. jazzwus

    also seriously that dude with the blonde long curly hair was being a MAJOR ballbag. just sayin.


    nah man, no worries. we just feel BAD that anyone has a bad time, (especially if people are fucking with bands as we are in bands ourselves and are fucked with all the time as well) and want to try to work out solutions if possible. the major ones would be to for us to stress in the promotional web stuff for people to park away from the house or just walk/bike to the show to avoid a clusterfuck out front. also stressing to the bands to load in early and if they can load out late...other wise enter through the masses random people some of whom may be drunk douches out on the sidewalk at zero hour at yr own risk. and also continue to try to stop people from being ballbags, but also hope the people in the scene there for the right reasons work with us and speak up to help us on this as we have only a handful of people intimately involved with the house who are going to be on the defensive. compared to hundreds of showgoers. feel free to hit us up over on facebook (haus von preblon) or or even swing by sometime if any one would like to contribute any ideas so we can preserve this and hopefully be able to contain it so we could have shows more often. thanks!

  9. i find it interesting that you guys all bitch about how bands are treated. this house is running an illegal venue that the city has cited numerous times for zoning violations because it's specified as ADULT FOSTER CARE, not a concert venue. as a homeowner, we are sick and tired of the noise, the peeing on our lawns, the car break-ins, the drunk driving, the underage drinking, and the NOISE we can hear all the way down the street because the assholes running these shows think they aren't in a residential, family neighborhood. how many times have we caught people peeing in our yard and had to call the police? or seen people walking out with open containers and getting into their cars? the cops call you guys cockroaches. take responsibility instead of blaming others. if you want to do shows, get a venue in an area away from homes and be as loud as you want, but we are sick of the activities going on here.

  10. i love that yuppies think houses that have shows are "illegal venues"'s not illegal if there is no money being made-it's just a loud and obnoxious party...try filing a noise complaint.wait,you did? and the cops haven't put a stop to it? gee,maybe they have more important things to worry about.


    i think Neighbor is confused or a troll, as none of the houses are adult foster care....they are all rented apartments. and we've never been cited...

  12. m00nv01d

    also i don't know anyone on that road with a LAWN, sounds like they are confused and talking about an entirely different house...

  13. Bad Times

    Ha! No lawns on that street, so "Neighbor" is clearly an ignorant neighbor. As said above, these are not illegal venues because there's no money involved. They are parties organized around showcasing bands and music.

    The illogical bozoism of this particular "neighbor" sounds very much like the yahoos who tried to go up against another popular Portland house and lost.


    yeaahh...i think he/she is thinking of another house as there are only three houses (without lawns) in a row on the block and a bunch of warehouses, offices, and bread factories for blocks in all directions. all three houses are all rented by people who come to the shows and help us with the organization and cleanup. None of these few neighbors have ever complained to our knowledge and all are aware of the shows before hand, or like i said, at them. And the most the cops have done at Preblon shows were to show up after 2 or 3am, long since the last band played, and made the stragglers still partying clean up the garbage in the street. Never said a word to any band or housemate, ever....they actually helped us out in a way since we didn't have to clean up the next morning that time.

  15. 'Neighbor' lives on/near NE Dekum... this site was recently given to the neighborhood as a link about 'Dekum Manor'. From what I can tell, perhaps you play/produce experiences in other venues too? Maybe that is the confusion. For what it's worth, there are those up near Dekum who don't love exactly those issues that 'Neighbor' said.

  16. jazzwus

    haha yeah sounds like NEIGHBOR is the poor little baby that didn't get shit from their little concerted efforts to bring charges against the dekum venue. NICE TRY BOZO.

    your passive aggressive efforts did nothing but probably helped spearhead a movement to legitimize a venue run by the same people with all the permits and whatnot down the street from you. if it won't be an illegal venue anymore, that means the problem of people peeing on you is yours.


    DEKUM ST/NEIGHBOR: There are houses that host shows all over the city. new ones spring up or go on hiatus every day. don't be so self-possessed to think every show on this site revolves around your gripes. shutting down one will probably just incite like three more to come up in it's place. maybe even just down the block. ours however is no where near the great dekum manor, sorry.

  18. Bad Times

    Dekum St, this site is not "about" Dekum Manor anymore than it is about House of Preblon, or Failing House, or any other house. This site simply provides information on where bands are playing and when. Venues, house shows, whatever.

    And what the hell does this sentence mean:
    "From what I can tell, perhaps you play/produce experiences in other venues too?"

    Bands come and play at houses (not venues). How hard is this to understand? There are many houses and many people involved, mostly independent from one another. The people at Dekum Manor aren't organizing the shows at House of Preblon, or any other house.

  19. darkcountry

    I couldn't agree more! We absolutely love house shows! Just like any show, if a venue or a house, sometimes you do have assholes show up. You either have to take their attitude with a grain of salt, or kick em out.
    Ps. Did not see this show, but We played with Stag at Satyricon last month and they fucking rule!
    Dark Country

  20. m00nv01d

    Rock N' Roll died choking on vomit while screwing sony & viacom on the one buys that shit anymore, except from experts who pee on your lawn, teach your kids to drink n' smoke + only play in houses.

    so0o, yeah call us "roaches" or "beatnicks" or whatever but real shows don't go on in "venues" anymore. lol that's where society perpetuates the great lie, where you go more often than not to see what WAS a band once and now is simply just LAME.

    gimme a PBR can/an awesome band/a long walk home in the rain and fuck it- call the cops...tag always was my favorite game, but i'm the gingerbread man :P

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