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"Anyone know what CMS this site is based off of?"

This site is 100% custom freshness!

It started in 2007 as a hardcoded mess - i literally updated the show listings by hand every night at midnight to remove the old shows.

Jan 1st 2008 saw version #2 where we actually got a database and pc-pdx started becoming a real website, the wiki format that it is today - rather than a static mess.

~July 2009 came version #3, the Red + Black version where the site really started to take off. The site started to become more user friendly - we had some hits and misses with features..(membership like features were a HUGE failure) It started getting really slow and cumbersome towards the end of its run because i learned to code along with this site and it hasn't always been the highest preforming, scalable implementation.

July 5th 2010 - this current version breached the septic internet womb and came into fruition. A lot of cool new features were added but now that it's so many months later, i see a lot of places for improvement. You guys might have seen the "Ohhh shit! We're being attacked by Nazi Zombies and robots n' shit..." message in the last week or so.

Much like the end of Version#3, we're reaching the end of this versions time span and it is suffering a little bit. It is a bit crazy- but on an average friday the site serves ~30.5 page views per second.

This is a very large strain on the server and sometimes things just queue up and kind of flop. The problem is that we're still using much of the foundation from the days of yore and it's just plain shit to be honest. When we opened up the band pages - there was kind of an unforeseen gotcha in that pc-pdx now has an *infinite* amount of pages. This is cool except for that there is a comment form (Shoutbox!) on every page, a lot of pages like show-detail pages have two comment forms. This makes the site a very attractive target for spam-bots (-which, please notice you have seen absolute dick for spam on this site, GO US! FUCK SPAM) and while we can mostly handle all the extra traffic from them, they can really get going at some times and we'll get hit from a bunch of different bot operations at once - plus google-bot and yahoo and all the other things out there - that's when we get fucked and the site goes down. SORRR.

If you got bored up there, read down here!

April 2011 : a NEW code foundation!
This is going to be up by the end of this month guys (if you didn't get bored and stop reading a while ago)! I have completely redesigned the core codebase to make the data access layer much faster and more reliable and not place such strain on the database. There's a very aggressive caching layer in place that will make things so much snappier.
The guts are 100% fresh and i actually know what i'm doing now!

There will be a few changes in appearance and features but nothing huge just yet. I'm at a race to retro-fit all the current features with the new code-core. If the site continues to experience random outages for an hour or two here or there - i might have to push the updates at the expense of breaking a few of the membership features for a little bit. I think most of you will be okay with losing some membership/bonus stuff like the show map in favor the site up reliably so everybody be able to browse the shows - as is the core purpose of this site.

I'm trying to squeeze in the feedback you guys have given, keep it coming. Once we get this next update out and the site is rocking on a solid platform, we will start designing VERSION#5 (!) so post your comments and suggestions so we can make the site do what you want/need it to do.

So, this all started out as

talk about it …


  1. pc-pdx

    @blackmanjew - here's your answer

    • pc-pdx
    • 4/12/2011 10:31:25 PM
  2. pc-pdx

    SORRY for the outages guys - there's info in this post on what is up. SO - lowdown, there's going to be a big update this sunday night to kill these outages. I am going to do my best to ensure that we don't have to kill any functionality, but if we do, i'm cool with a missing feature in favor of the site staying up.. thoughts?

  3. mstrix

    PC-PDX is AMAZING and encapsulates all that is good about the internet *and* the PDX music scene. x

    • mstrix
    • 4/17/2011 10:29:31 AM
  4. cowchampion

    whats the feature?

  5. cowchampion

    oh waitamin, i think i know now. yeah, less spam bots = good. i don't mind if the shout box is its own separate page if needed.

  6. cowchampion

    some people might hate this buuut, maybe a forum?? i dunno, would that work now that there are enough users on PC-PDX??

  7. pc-pdx

    The Shoutbox will always have a prominent position much like it does now. I think people would shit if that thing ever moved.


  8. pc-pdx

    ..had enough users long ago but the skills haven't been quite up to get that forum the respect it needs. I think i have an approach to actually get a good one in place this time 'round.

    It would be helpful to get priorities from people - what's more important to you?
    More stuff for the Mobile Site?
    More membership features (and what)?
    A proper forum?
    more blogs posts?

  9. Bad Times

    I don't think a forum is necessary. Shoutbox does the trick.

  10. forum is a great idea because some conversations get lost. sections for shows, bands seeking shows, general discussion, etc.

    • chris
    • 4/18/2011 11:02:48 AM
  11. ns

    I'd be down for a forum. It might get really silly really quick though

    • ns
    • 4/18/2011 11:40:38 PM
  12. cowchampion

    yes, forums often become troll pits and dumb shit. maybe no "general" section and only have sections for sales, needed shows, music, etc. i dunno?
    - i am stoked on mobile
    - more blogs!!!

  13. pc-pdx

    Shows have comments so that conversations can be kept in line with the listings. Needed shows is a good section to have for sure. I'm always worried about dumbasses being dumbasses so that's always a concern - i think we've managed to keep on top of that pretty well over the years.

    Why are you stoked for mobile? What does it need? How do you use it?

    Seriously, i can't keep up with blogs/photos - in case you couldn't tell. We need more BAD ASSES like BAD TIMES to be awesome and keep posting worthwhile stuff.
    Get in contact if that's you.

    • pc-pdx
    • 4/19/2011 10:32:44 AM
  14. seems like draws many like-minded people--- it would be great if there were a section devoted to musicians seeking collaboration!!!! Thanks for your work on the site.

  15. The collaboration section is an awesome idea!

    • anon
    • 4/22/2011 12:36:45 AM
  16. parkerdjohnson

    I agree with Bad Times, I think shoutbox is all we need. Anymore and people are going to get silly like NS said. I think you could hype it like a forum, and just let people know they could use it that way(?).

  17. pc-pdx

    With all the updates coming in in the last week or so - i've been very agitated with this layout and its 'quirks' and am ready to start on version#5. SEND IN YOUR IDEAS / complaints / suggestions / requests / andrew-jacksons.

    I have a sweet idea for the shout/forum by-the-way, i think it's pretty fresh and that you guys will like it.

    Cowchampion - i think you missed the hint to write some blogs stuff (EMOTICONS!).

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-3/28/2021 11:15:21 AM
Computer_Blue2021 @red room [Mar 18, 2011] » I designed this poster back in the day, I have multiple editions so although the date is wrong, this is the correct poster for this show, I will keep looking for the edition with the correct date.
-3/28/2021 11:07:34 AM
Conor Hello Alex old friend, you still there? It's Conor from Belfast Ireland remember me from Portland days. Remember the gig in our basement northeast Portland? Miss you brother hope to see you next time in Portland. Big respect Conor
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好好干发图 ¤ ¤
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dustinshane Hello from Maine! Can't wait to visit Portland again and scope out some music.
-11/26/2020 8:07:30 AM
andy hi
-11/19/2020 12:11:58 AM
agit I miss you portland music scene. Fuck covid, power to the people! I hope things have been good for you showbot!
-11/14/2020 10:43:05 PM
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Goodwin7070 asas
-9/29/2020 8:12:51 AM
Andy ?
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yung ego death anyone? lol
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yung ego death Oh I forgot to say in the dark music/goth/punk/alt/experimental realms~Cheerz
-7/3/2020 12:20:08 AM
yung ego death Hello Shout box world ! I'm looking for Black and Indigenous DJs and Musicians for a physically distant outdoor event...Hit me up if this rings any bells!
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derp “Accept His Noodly Magnificence into your heart, into your soul, and ye shall forever be free. R'Amen.” ¤ —Ragu on Pastafarianism
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Clement Acts 16:31, 1 Corinthians 15:1-8, 1 Peter 1:17-21, Revelation 22:18-19
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Clement test
-2/14/2020 1:29:53 PM
mn email newsletter?
-2/13/2020 6:07:22 PM
-2/6/2020 2:03:30 PM
Lamposts Gig available at Hawthorne Hideaway February 14th. Punk/metal/indie/singer songwriter/comics/sideshow
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Electric Ring @kenton club [Jan 24, 2020] » Mane of The Cur y'all! ¤ ¤
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@big legrowlski [Jan 18, 2020] » Come see the best upcoming acts in the Salem-Portland area
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Solo project night w/members of Hot Victory, Nasalrod, Panther/Wet Fruit & more! @fixin' to, the [Jan 30, 2020] » THURS JAN 30th! Charlie (of Wet Fruit/Panther/The Planet The), Chairman (of Nasalrod) & Ben (of Hot Victory) will ALL play solo @Fixin' To!
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Electric Ring @kenton club [Jan 24, 2020] » Coming up a week from Friday, Of Lioness is down from Olympia bringing some post-metal jams to Kenton Club. ¤ ¤
-1/13/2020 9:40:29 AM

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