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pc-pdx Apr 21 2011 1:27P 32

heads up!
Hi Everybody!

You might have noticed some stability issues lately that have caused the site to go down. In order to keep the site up - we have basically been forced to push some updates that haven't been 100% tested or proven.

How you can help

Please report errors, broken features and any other annoyance - BIG OR SMALL. Comment this post to spark the conversation or get at us through the contact page or email at .

UPDATES (change log)

Totally, 100% data model! -100% cache backed and should make the site much faster and also prevent a mad mass of tabloe scans on the database that has been bringing down the site lately. - thanks spam bots and crazy fuck Chineese search engines.
  • Show-Listings have been modified a little bit.
  • Members Preferences! -members now have personal preferences to enable/disable slider-spots for Artists/Venues/Comments
  • The slider-bar doesn't show up for non-js users anymore.
  • Slider bar better at screen resizes.
  • AJAX like functionality updated in many spots to use better tech - non-hacked together code.
  • Show-Detail pages have been updated to include the revision notes and better accountability/transparency for show edits.
  • Show submission page has been updated to not be cookie/js reliant. -Step#2 has been removed in hopes that it will help people format more consistantly and not just throw a ton of shit into the listing (and then see that it looks all fucked up but still not do anything about it and publish the listing anyway......)
  • Bands Page:Added some stat like lists. Waiting for somebody to tell us what they really want to see on this page.

talk about it …


  1. pc-pdx

    please report any bugs, suggestions, broken stuff or anything else here.

  2. pc-pdx

    Thanks guys - got a couple "can't add a new venue..." responses already. Please keep 'em coming.

  3. pc-pdx

    the New Venue Form should be back up and running.

  4. Hey All - thanks for the patience in this transition. There will be a few hiccups in a bit as i am pushing a new dll to fix some issues (login etc...). I'll expect we'll be back 100% this weekend but i seriously need your help!
    Only two people have pointed out bugs and i know there's more of you that are finding issues here. Please help us out and take a quick min just to let me know what you find

    • anon
    • 4/22/2011 10:57:32 AM
  5. timmo

    All comments made by anyone are showing up with my avatar picture.

    • timmo
    • 4/22/2011 11:04:00 AM
  6. pc-pdx

    Thank you TigerDoods.
    I have a fix in place for that but will wait until ~3am time.
    The new code takes a few minutes(!) to compile and knocks the site out for a lil'bit whenever we push something (everything 'round here has to be such a damn learning experience,shit).

    -just updated a login issue that YellowScreens on event pages (ugg!).

  7. The mobile site [which has been awesome, by the way (which I never thought I would say about any mobile site, by the way)] doesn't seem to be showing all of the listings. Today, for example, it doesn't show the two house-show listings that the full site does show.

    • iDork
    • 4/24/2011 4:54:33 PM
  8. pc-pdx

    wow - that's sweet feedback!
    The mobile site has now been fully updated to use the new data model, same as the full site, so they will be once again n*sync.

    The shows edits are back up and the site is about 100% back to normal - even got some feature improvements in there too.yay.

    • pc-pdx
    • 4/24/2011 10:57:18 PM
  9. pc-pdx

    something is up with the thumbnail generator for the flyers - the full size flyers are coming out okay though so no worries. - we're on it.

    • pc-pdx
    • 4/25/2011 10:01:07 PM
  10. pc-pdx

    All of the weird flyer thumbnail issues should now be resolved. All affected flyers have been updated too - no worries.

    As requested - you can now upload flyers from a url without having to save them to your local machine first.

    • pc-pdx
    • 4/27/2011 12:14:32 AM
  11. pc-pdx

    what do you guys think of the new show-listing format?
    Digg? Detest?

  12. sam

    The new site looks great! Thanks for the update! It's definitely faster. I'll keep my eye out for bugs.

    • sam
    • 4/29/2011 8:41:26 PM
  13. scragz

    2/2 people agree it was a lot easier to scan down the page when the band names were bigger.

  14. scragz

    Or maybe you could just put a big message up top that says "Don't bother, scragz, you should just stay home" and then I won't even have to scan.

  15. pc-pdx

    No foolin' Scragz?!
    I thought the larger names just made everything totally unwieldy and heard a few people say it was a bit much on the weekends when there are 40~ shows a day.
    The question two comments up on this blog (that's why i moved your shout)is what the take on the new format is and the one opinion i've heard so far is that one person thinks it's an upgrade. Not that either of us are correct.
    Hookup some details and i'll see if we can make it work better for everybody - i'd love to hear other opinions too!

    Thanks for the feedback - it's seriously helpful to hear

  16. scragz

    I'm having some problems in Chrome with this comment box:

    Sometimes the Go button is on top of the box
    More importantly, sometimes it won't let me type new characters, only copy/paste or delete work

  17. show-bot!

    confirms this sad Go button news

    i know the red counter will limit to you 4000 chars (400 for shouts), is that it by chance?

  18. scragz

    That would be a good place to look for bugs. I wasn't close to 4000 characters though.

  19. sam

    I'm using Chrome as well, on my Mac, PC, and Linux machines. I can type just fine in the comment boxes, but the "Go" button likes to jump around. It starts on top of the box and moves to the bottom when the remaining characters number changes. You might just hide it entirely until text is entered.

    Also, is there a reason we can't shout to the general shout when we're on a page other than the calendar?

    • sam
    • 5/6/2011 6:22:09 PM
  20. pc-pdx

    heyos - heads up that i'm going to TKO the site for a good hour+ or so tonight so as we can get some server maintenance stuff done. I'm planning on about 1:30ish when you're all drunk and blury and can't read the guide anymore. hopefully it wont effect too many but damn, -24hours a day you guys are keeping this site busy! nobody sleeps anymore

  21. show-bot!

    Go button issue fixed. i'll keep looking for the max-char issue but it's the same snipit we've been using for 2years now - can't reproduce.
    @Sam : We took off the Shout specific form from the Show/Blog detail pages because a lot of people comment that page in the shout box rather than the article/show comment form. -You don't see it much because we keep a clean house and move them to where they should be so the links show up proper etc.. but it happens quite a bit. it's one step to avoid confusion "how do i get the links to show up in my shout" (comment the page where it should link to). We're looking at changing the way the whole comment /shout thing works with the next version so hopefully the issue will go away altogether

  22. scragz

    The not-letting-me-type thing was only happening infrequently and only on one page. I think it was Freels psychicly trying to prevent me from posting a rebuttal to his bands list.

    New stuff: Getting an error here: and the error page has been serving as text/plain today.

  23. pc-pdx

    the Artist links have been bumped up a bit in size - is that better now?

  24. pc-pdx

    Nobody said the the search bar was broken for artists with two or more words in the name but hey... it's fixed anyway!

  25. scragz

    Yes, I'd say the artists names are very readable now and there is a good balance. One thing I noticed is that moused-over flyers are loading the full-size image, even if it is waaaay bigger than needed. The one that caused me to point this out is over 3000x4000. Saving out a large size along with the thumbnail would make them load so much faster and save some (possibly a lot) of bandwidth usage.

    • scragz
    • 5/14/2011 12:14:48 PM
  26. pc-pdx

    Some of the images are crazy big but most fall under 1500px.
    The thumbs are generated at max-width:50px but the larger flyers should definitely have a cap.
    I was, until this recent push, preloading the larger size in the background and doing a silent replace of the thumbs so the hover would always be clear and so you wouldn't see the 50px thumb at 300px - and then when you go to the detail page, the large size is already cached in your browser. The preloader i created didn't load only in-viewport images so the bandwith thing you're talking about was real - when Rotture has 50 flyers on a page, BAD NEWS.

    I've always been interested in archiving the flyers which is why there wasn't a cap in the first place (that and i couldn't program it perfect - there was always a little distortion on a resized image (especially if there's any brown)). HDD space on the server was more money than the unlimited bandwidth for us so saving a bunch of different sized images was more expensive than the thumb and one larger image. Perhaps i can do it so that if it >800px we resize it to 800px, the thumb and keep an original super-size.
    --one of the many tons of small nerd details that could go one way or the other with a site like this. not saying the what is there is the best now but was done as the best solution at that time for the majority of users. I'm always interested in talking about these detail with anybody but you've probably stopped reading anyway [emoticonssss!].

  27. pc-pdx

    We just did some more improvements on the new-show form to hopefully squash out some of the inconsistent behaviour that a few of you might have seen.
    If you see find out - shout out about how we fucked up that way we can actually fix it.
    -else we wont.

    • pc-pdx
    • 5/24/2011 12:26:53 AM
  28. show-bot!

    The ADD A NEW SHOW page has been updated! The location helper filter is now all client side (your computer) and should be much quicker and hopefully much less frustrating. PLEASE post problems if you find any bugs.

  29. danikordani

    The add new show page is still real slow.

  30. show-bot!

    hey Dani - how's the form now?

  31. pc-pdx

    The HYPE action no longer bogs down the site when you click it. yay! -now go click

  32. pc-pdx

    oh damn, i just noticed that the HYPE list display disappeared off the sidebar.. poops. That'll have to wait till tomorrow. Goodnight and wish me luck in the morning, thanks.

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people need to be aware that jon scheid from u sco and duck little brother duck is a sexual predator
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Punx @ask a punk [Jun 01, 2019] » Venue is on the sw side of the ross island bridge , the Secret Palace !
-5/30/2019 9:38:30 PM
Ellisa Sun @marino's coffee shop [May 31, 2019] » SO STOKED FOR THIS LAST MINUTE SHOW! HOPE TO SEE YA THERE PORTLAND!
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La Inquisición = fascists La Inquisición = fascists and apolitics
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swank @east side bar and grill [May 31, 2019] » An evening of space prog and singer/songwriter adventcha! Space Rats hit the stage at 830 to soundtrack a projection of the classic Beastmaster. Escape Goats and Ladybug Infestation work their usual magic!
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bastardsalt KENTON CLUB - TONIGHT. FREE. NONE ep release show. LOUD, FUN, FUCK YEAH!
-5/2/2019 3:50:52 PM
Jenny @adx [May 19, 2019] » Dayyyyyyyyuuum
-5/1/2019 4:17:04 PM
Mark Saturday, May 11th, at Gil's Speakeasy, black metal show with STAVVES from Corona, CA and PDX locals, Trow & At the Heart of the World!
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nikxt Can you add a good punk show for Fruday (4/26). Hardcore, post-punk or '77. Thanks!!
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nikxt BoardIsLife > Terminal-Boredom forum
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nikxt @ Mike! I don't use Facebook. Not punk. Ain't used social media since Myspace in 2004.
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-4/16/2019 11:57:18 AM
Mike @slims [Apr 20, 2019] » Heres the link to the event..... ¤"ref"%3A"2"%2C"ref_dashboard_filter"%3A"calendar"%2C"action_history"%3A"[%7B%5C"surface%5C"%3A%5C"dashboard%5C"%2C%5C"mechanism%5C"%3A%5C"main_list%5C"%2C%5C"extra_data%5C"%3A[]%7D]"%7D&ref=bookmarks
-4/16/2019 11:51:22 AM
nikxt @tanker, the [Apr 12, 2019] » Nice!
-4/12/2019 7:45:53 PM
bastardsalt @tanker, the [Apr 12, 2019] » Unfortunately (and bummed), Trash pulled out of the show at Tanker, but Bad Channels have barreled onto their slot. ¤ ¤ The show must go on!
-4/11/2019 3:47:12 PM
Im so dumb The Briefs should come to PDX. They suck now. Still want them to cum tho.
-4/3/2019 12:46:59 PM
show-bot! @moda center (rose garden) [Apr 12, 2019] » fuckoff with this nonsense
-4/3/2019 12:44:01 PM
Nicholas @fixin' to, the [Mar 23, 2019] » Get tix ahead of time! Link in FB event page link! Will sell out! Don't blow it! This show is going to blow the roof off!
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BIG BUSINESS + GAYTHEIST + NASALROD @mississippi studios [Apr 16, 2019] » Ummmm...this is gonna RULE! Tuesday, April 16th at Mississippi Studios! Don't sleep on tix!!💯💯💯
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tammy @killingsworth dynasty [Feb 28, 2019] » poster says killingsworth dynasty. listed at white owl.
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dougcapello @FAQ/WTF?! : How to Get Your Band Listed and Post a New Bio » Hey, we don't have access to removing a harmful/explicit profile that ended up on this page. Does anyone know how we can do this? Haven't had luck hearing back from webmaster yet.
-2/25/2019 11:11:41 PM
pc-pdx this is the new server. ok. cool.
-2/22/2019 2:12:02 PM

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