Album Review: Oh Captain, My Captain

Lorri Ehin Oct 08 2008 12:37P 3

Oh Captain My Captain - Recklessly She Split The Sea Releases November 10th, 2008
Annie Marie, the second track, first song on Oh Captain My Captain's, "Recklessly She Split The Sea", interrupts a cheesy intro, that couldn't be any worse if they had called it "Opening Credits"; oh wait, they did. Annie Marie is a sad pathetic song about a wimp. It describes a girl that cheats on a boy and of course he's devastated. He's so angry he says things like: "Baby take your time getting home tonight, cause you'll be alone." He really lays into her when at the end of the song he tells her: I don't want to be seen with you in public, there's nothing I can do with you. " Uh, she's in public with someone else, you probably should have written the song a couple months sooner.

Too bad…
These guys play like motherfuckers. The guitars, bass, drums, and vocals pummel you with perfection, not only in performance, which is remarkable, but, the production, which is exact and honest. The collaboration of piano and strings in addition to the band as a whole never sound forced or cluttered. They groove like no tomorrow. Yet, imagine Weezer without the irony, pretty bad right? Well there you go.

There are moments of beauty. Just about two minutes into "All My Good Luck" , the energy of the first six songs crumbles. Before this, it had built violently towards hope. At this moment it gives in. It hurts. You know exactly how it feels. Especially when the band slams everything around and turns hurt into adrenalin. The cruelty of both sides in a a relationship comes out in this song, especially if you've heard the connection song on this album. A song I hate, ("Annie Marie") becomes better, thanks to another song halfway through the thing.
They quickly ruin it with the next track.

"Don't Be A Hero" is a nighmare of excess that only gets worse by the second. Perhaps I don't understand, but shit goes to full suck, right about there, and never recovers.

Recorded at Cystal Lake Studios and with members of members of members of mebers of bands with mebers of people who are in bands with them.This album reeks of nepotism and incest. We should all be ashamed. It's our fault.

Songs to download: On My Mind [.mp3], "Annie Marie" , "All My Good Luck"

-Lorrie Ehin

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  1. Chauncey Miloker

    Oh brother....

  2. pc-pdx

    --Big thanks to Lorri for posting the review. It's a bit biting at points, but one listeners honest interpretation of the album and that's kind of refreshing. We want to encourage people to contribute and bring discussion around all this, please leave your comments on this and other articles. PC-PDX is all about building up the local scene and promoting fantastic bands so if you have opinions on this article, post it!

    I, quite surprisingly, had a little different take on the album:

    Lorri says "Don't Be A Hero" is a nightmare of excess that only gets worse by the second. I think it's a comforting classic that brings together alot of what i like about this band.

    Don't be a hero is wintertime carousel of tiptoeing guitars and what i imagine that Narnias version of Radiohead "The Bends" would sound like.
    "Bright as I've Ever Been" is like Amile meets mid 90's male crap rock. Much of the album is the same, it offers the mystical and dreamy atmospherics like the film Amile can make you feel. It also pulls memories of 90's mediocrity from bands like Dogs Eye view and Deep Blue Something.

    This record really wins with towering sound, solid guitars and overall tight as can be rhythm. The frontman isn't exactly my favorite, he offers up some clever lines but overall not really my style of frontman. That being said, he strikes me as being PDX's indie scene's syle of frontman and will be greatly appreciated on this album, just as OCMC always has.

    With a few exceptions, this is a pretty decent album and hasn't left my shuffle in the last two weeks. I digg the 70's rock-and-roll feel you can pull out of this album and it's still Portland enough to remember there's still time to see these guys in your neighbors basement.

  3. I'm excessively excited for a new album!
    I didn't even know!

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