Saturday, 4/3/2010 @ failing house

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Starting early! Don't be a goober and, show up at 9-10, and miss out on some top-notch music. [FAIL HOUSE ROCK]

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  1. pc-pdx

    this is going to be so phenominominoly fun

  2. Moshburn

    i'd be happy to host this show at one of the venues that i book for...either ducketts public house or the know. i think the know is available that night, ducketts less likely. you ought touch base.


    • Colin
    • 3/7/2010 4:33:00 PM


    • Ethan
    • 3/7/2010 5:19:00 PM
  5. Yeah so I've been trying to get this show together for a while. I thought I had a place set but it fell through. As per the bands request, I need to find an all ages place for this to happen. Besides, all ages shows are the shit! I have some people left I need to talk to, but I would definitely appreciate any recommendations/contacts at this point because their is only a month left.

    Thanks and up the punx,

    P.S. Fischer is rad two-piece from Santa Cruz, California I believe, but they sound like they're from the midwest.

    • James
    • 3/8/2010 2:26:00 AM
  6. jayawesome

    What about the Parlour?

  7. i think james is trying to keep it in N/NE and at a house if possible.

  8. jayawesome

    Talk to Shoe (Shu?) at the Camel House. I assume you've already mentioned it to Dekum Manor? If it's at the Know, I'll still go. Cuz I can. Cuz I'm old enough. Hail Satan.

  9. delay rules !

    • arya
    • 3/13/2010 1:24:00 AM
  10. pc-pdx

    Glad this finally got worked out (yay for nate and tessa!), it's is going to be the non-stop ultimate!

  11. milesmouthguard

    Delay have helped us out many times on tour and we love them dearly! This show is gonna be so Fantastic!!

  12. awesome!

  13. Phil Gobstopper

    Failing House (Which would like the name "Failing House Rock" to catch on) has gladly helped us with an optimal space for this show. If all goes well, expect a lot more shows!

  14. Phil Gobstopper

    This show just keeps getting better, Destroy Nate Allen will close the night out!

  15. pc-pdx

    Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!

  16. Phil Gobstopper

    What a whizbang of a show. Holy cow. Expect more like this.

  17. Ryan Remains

    Great show! I hope to see more like this!

  18. pc-pdx

    this was a stelarnariuos show. Thanks to The House, Philbert and all the bands that made this so fun!

    The photoset is freshly posted to the gallery so go check it out.

  19. pc-pdx

    yesyes of course.
    Thanks to Nina for taking the Defect Defect shots, Danny for taking the Delay shots and to Foxhorn for fueling my forgetfulness.

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pc-pdx snapped a photoset! View the gallery
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