Wizard Rifle

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Wizard Rifle
Wizard Rifle is a metal band from Portland, OR. Eclectic, innovative, and all-around out there, their sound is a constantly-evolving, always-adapting entity that changes with their moods. Frantic, chaotic, noise rock tempered with dredges of doom, swinging rock’n’roll, grimy grunge, and a heady dose of AmRep skronk - that‘s what Wizard Rifle are made of! Read more on Last.fm …read full bio
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  • DJ Nate C spinning All-nite!
    • 7
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    • rotture
    • Thursday, 10/6/2011 21+
    • 9pm | $free!
    • 0
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    • 3
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  • on their way to savannah, georgia on tour, transient was in a…more
    • rotture
    • Sunday, 8/14/2011 21+
    • 9pm | $5-10 sliding scale cover
    • 4
    • 0
  • advance tix http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/177546
    • branx
    • Saturday, 7/2/2011 AA
    • 7:00pm | $10 adv / $13 door
    • 14
    • 1
    • bunk bar
    • Tuesday, 11/30/2010 21+
    • 08:30 pm | $Free!
    • 0
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  • http://myspace.com/kingdomofmagic http://myspace.com/wizardrifle …more
    • ducketts
    • Tuesday, 6/29/2010 21+
    • 9 | $free
    • 0
    • 0
  • dont be foolish and spend your hard earned cash at the bar. …more
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  • Bring the Bar Mosh!
    • dunes
    • Saturday, 3/13/2010 21+
    • 9p | $?
    • 0
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    • this is not happening tonight! FEBRUARY 5th is the…more
      • backspace
      • Saturday, 1/23/2010 AA
      • 8PM | $~5?
      • 0
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    • ambient/drone/metal/doom/experimental/a tasty blend of the…more
      • 0
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    • Thee Letting Forth of Fire rock and they're playing for free so…more
      • plan b
      • Saturday, 11/14/2009 21+
      • 9p | $free
      • 0
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      May 17 2011 5
      posted in: info

      PDX Pop Now! Unveils Compilation Track List And Release Show

      Portland music fans will be pleased to find out that PDX Pop Now! has announced the track listing for the eighth installment of their much heralded compilation.. The 2-disc set is stacked with 41 tracks from some of Portland OR's finest musicians.. O Bruxo, Blue Skies For Black Hearts, Swahili, Lost Lander, along with DJ papi chulo and DJ GIGANTE, have been tapped to perform and provide music between bands at this year's CD Release Benefit which will be held June 2nd at Holocene (1001 SE Morrison St.). The cover is $10 and that will include a copy of the 2011 PDX Pop Now!. Compilation CD.

      Check out the full article

      Aug 12 2011 0
      posted in: info

      Transient Benefit Shows!

      In case you missed the post directly below this one, awesome PDX band (but you know that already) Transient got roughed up and needs some community love.. Check out the benefit shows and toss em some scratchon their way to savannah, georgia on tour, transient was in a head on collision when an suv flew over the median and landed on them. krysta had to be airlifted to the hospital and had to have surgery on her wrist plus her hip put back into place. the van has been totaled and they need help with medical and other bills. there will also be a raffle for some seriously awesome prizes.Sunday, 8/14/2011 @ RottureAtriarchWizard RifleDavis HookerSluaghOrder Of The GashChasmaSaturday, 8/27/2011 @ Plan BElitestBasment AnimalSpectral TombsAtrocity ExhibitionHeavy VoodooTransient updates + donations here

      Check out the full article

      useless facts

      57 upcoming shows @ 27 different spots

      31 upcoming shows with flyers

      18 ALL AGES shows!

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      Miranda Howdy! ¤ ¤ TOMORROW Friday AUGUST 12th ¤ Come see an epic two band line up on the patio of Kenton Club 6pm ¤ Crystal Canopy with Noah Kite ¤ ¤ Both bands have STRINGS
      -8/11/2022 8:32:48 PM
      agit @dante's [Aug 06, 2022] » FUCK YES! RIXE!
      -8/5/2022 7:46:40 PM
      Henry Turner @clinton street theater [Aug 26, 2022] » cool! but when are which bands playing? There are two days! ¤ Please post the bands on the listings so people can find + search. I just happened to see this but wouldn't have known Char Project was playing otherwise - eventhough I have 'em in my subscriptions
      -7/24/2022 2:57:03 PM
      Jake Coming up this Sunday the 22nd at No Fun, my experimental prog project National Diet perform our full album. Sharing the stage with two wonderfully quirky high energy rock bands.
      -7/21/2022 11:19:52 AM
      🛒 Do you know if Justin Bieber is coming to Portland? I am so going if he is.
      -7/19/2022 2:25:34 PM
      NASALROD + WILD POWWERS at a RONTOMS SUNDAY SESH on JULY 31st! @rontoms [Jul 31, 2022] » Coming up quick! On our own Mandy Morgan's b-day we're gonna play our 1st show in like 2 & 1/2 freakin years! With our buds from Seattle, Wild Powwers! Got lotsa new tunes for ya! This'll be less than a week after Chair's bday & 2 days before Mustin's, so it'll be our 'Leo trio' celebration. Doors at 8, Music at…read the full comment
      -7/18/2022 5:40:44 PM
      :Plesae Tour in usa is Coming uk very Soon needing band to cover me on tour
      -7/17/2022 12:56:11 PM
      Parker Too bad the members of No Longer Human are Neonazis. I guess it isn't that surprising with the racist problem in the industrial and goth crowd.
      -7/12/2022 4:09:59 PM
      agit Can anyone confirm whether Brain Tourniquet & Hologram are playing Blackwater on Jul 3?
      -7/1/2022 9:03:40 PM
      bastardsalt @fixin' to, the [Jun 28, 2022] » High energy punk show on a Tuesday?! Uh, hell yeah it is! Stoked to play with Bad Optics, and Plume (again). Don't miss this one! Shows aren't just for the weekend - hope to see y'out there!
      -6/18/2022 2:01:48 PM
      Buxtum Thirdmore @bare bones [Jun 18, 2022] » Speaking of the upcoming Howie and the Hotknives show, 6/18/22- What ever happened to their Drinking For Free song? I remember it was on their myspace. That song would be good for Portlandia or something, great songs! Want It, Drinking For Free! Does anybody know where I can download or find vinyl of their songs?…read the full comment
      -6/8/2022 3:54:47 PM
      🛒 I saw a bunch of skinheads outside of Twilight Cafe and Bar on the weekend. Open that place up already! Oi oi oi
      -6/8/2022 9:22:57 AM
      Chairman (of THE CHAIR PROJECT & NASALROD) @republic cafe, the [Jun 25, 2022] » It's the 100 YEAR Anniversary of THE REPUBLIC CAFE! I'll be doing my bass & vocal solo thing (THE CHAIR PROJECT) with my pals MASONIQUE & THTB. SAT JUNE 25th. See you there! -Chairman
      -6/3/2022 9:30:28 PM
      @Streetpunk ¤ ¤ Sounds like you need to get off your ass and start booking some shows then.
      -5/31/2022 2:30:45 PM
      🛒 Need more streetpunk, 77 and 82 shows. Fuck indie rock, singer-songwriter, folk, country, etc!
      -5/30/2022 12:31:01 PM
      Jake Rainbow Face, Mobilities, and Grimiss this Thursday at Dantes, prog, psychedelic, experimental rock!
      -5/16/2022 12:13:00 PM
      NASALROD + WILD POWWERS at a RONTOMS SUNDAY SESH on JULY 31st! @rontoms [Jul 31, 2022] » On our own Mandy Morgan's bday we're gonna play our 1st show in like 2 & 1/2 freakin years! With our buds from Seattle, Wild Powwers! Got lotsa new tunes for ya! This'll be less than a week after Chair's bday & 2 days before Mustin's, so it'll be our 'Leo trio' celebration. Doors at 8, Music at 8:30, FREE! See ya…read the full comment
      -5/5/2022 7:53:04 PM
      Jake National Diet album release show this Thursday, members of Rainbow Face, Mercury Tree
      -4/25/2022 1:54:53 PM
      Patrick McCulley @turn turn turn [May 12, 2022] » Patrick McCulley - saxophone: ¤ ¤ Patrick McCulley’s compositions an exploration of the emotional range of the saxophone, one that draws from the musical styles of other saxophonists like Colin Stetson and Roscoe Mitchell, to create a new, raw, wild, and energetic music. The music includes original…read the full comment
      -4/15/2022 11:09:34 PM
      Jake Prog and post-punk bands this Thursday at HWM!
      -4/11/2022 2:19:40 PM
      starkiller @kenton club [Apr 08, 2022] » Small line-up change to Friday's show. It now has 100% more Decliners!
      -4/3/2022 11:53:49 AM
      🛒 Twilight Cafe and Bar has reopened on Grand Ave.
      -4/2/2022 3:07:59 PM
      Jake Prog rock at Montavilla Saloon this Saturday when Rainbow Face hits the stage (floor)!
      -3/24/2022 10:26:51 AM
      Chairman (of THE CHAIR PROJECT & NASALROD) @six (midnight pdx bar), the [Mar 26, 2022] » Excited to play at The Six (located inside of Midnight Society at 3341 SE Belmont, the old Liquor Store location) for the first time! I'll be kicking things off at 9:30 sharp with my solo act The Chair Project (doors at 9), and LUDLOW will follow! SAT MARCH 26th!!
      -3/8/2022 6:55:33 PM
      ForeverCones @mississippi studios [Mar 08, 2022] » New Candys is on tour from Venice, Italy . Sun Atoms and The Black doors are local . All three bands have releases on Little Cloud Records. Come thru!
      -3/2/2022 8:22:24 PM
      Bobby Lugosi @star theater [Mar 08, 2022] » Monstro Menagerie featuring “Vegas in Space” is a dreadfully frightful drag show presented to you by Dean Hunter the creator of Portland longest running goth night, Church of Hive PDX, and hosted by “Portland’s favorite Manpyre,” Bobby Lugosi! The Menagerie’s stage show is a fang-tastic showcase of some of…read the full comment
      -2/23/2022 8:52:40 PM
      show-bot! no racist or hateful bullshit will be tolerated here
      -2/3/2022 1:09:35 PM
      dfylstra @no fun [Mar 11, 2022] » PROOF OF VAXX REQUIRED ¤ $8 at the door Cash Only, 21+, 7PM ¤ ________________________________________ ¤ ¤ Runoti ¤ http://runoti.bandcamp.com ¤ http://instagram.com/_runoti_ ¤ ¤ Antemano ¤ https://antemano.bandcamp.com/album/v-rtebra ¤…read the full comment
      -1/13/2022 6:45:21 PM
      Jimmy @bridge city sessions studio [Dec 17, 2021] » Address in the comments section of the event page. ¤ $10/byob/no jerks
      -11/30/2021 11:21:15 AM
      innerstaterecords @eastside bar and grill [Dec 11, 2021] » Cheapest beer in town!
      -11/29/2021 5:16:26 PM
      innerstaterecords @at the garages satellite pub [Dec 02, 2021] » Excited to see these 3 acts! Especially our very own Grammy nominee Obscurley
      -11/29/2021 5:09:19 PM
      drainage x talks alot of shit about drummers. the so called ~singer~ has a bad habit of seceret bookings and stealing bands pay..drugs was him..stop posting false claims.mr.eViL sINs
      -11/29/2021 2:49:31 AM
      Jake Math, prog, post-punk at HWM this Thursday!
      -11/15/2021 9:40:11 AM
      Xdudeirulex @hawthorne theatre club lounge [Jan 28, 2022] » https://www.etix.com/ticket/p/6096361/i-declare-war-wbystander-and-magdalene-portland-hawthorne-theatre-lounge
      -11/13/2021 4:12:20 PM
      Steffen @big legrowlski [Nov 18, 2021] » ¤ SHOW INFO- https://fb.me/e/3T2iGJSo7 ¤ 11/18 LIVESTREAM LINK: https://youtu.be/hUzzCgQMmQY ¤ ¤ #funvsdeath
      -11/13/2021 3:59:09 PM
      @star theater [Nov 11, 2021] » lagwagon......
      -11/7/2021 3:21:10 AM
      Event Planner @nw 24th & marshall [Oct 31, 2021] » Hi everyone, ¤ ¤ I am the organizer for the event: contact me at residentialsolutions@tuta.io to apply to perform at this and other public, free concerts and events. ¤ ¤ Thanks! Have a great time!
      -10/27/2021 12:29:15 PM
      GothBoiClique @nw 24th & marshall [Oct 31, 2021] » Yo, this finna b Lit
      -10/27/2021 12:23:53 PM
      Lil Piip @nw 24th & marshall [Oct 31, 2021] » This is gonna b SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK! EVERY NITE IS EMO NITE!!!!!!!!!!!!
      -10/27/2021 11:51:12 AM
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