Wizard Rifle

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Wizard Rifle
Wizard Rifle is a metal band from Portland, OR. Eclectic, innovative, and all-around out there, their sound is a constantly-evolving, always-adapting entity that changes with their moods. Frantic, chaotic, noise rock tempered with dredges of doom, swinging rock’n’roll, grimy grunge, and a heady dose of AmRep skronk - that‘s what Wizard Rifle are made of! Read more on Last.fm …read full bio
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  • DJ Nate C spinning All-nite!
    • 7
    • 0
    • rotture
    • Thursday, 10/6/2011 21+
    • 9pm | $free!
    • 0
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    • 3
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  • on their way to savannah, georgia on tour, transient was in a…more
    • rotture
    • Sunday, 8/14/2011 21+
    • 9pm | $5-10 sliding scale cover
    • 4
    • 0
  • advance tix http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/177546
    • branx
    • Saturday, 7/2/2011 AA
    • 7:00pm | $10 adv / $13 door
    • 14
    • 1
    • bunk bar
    • Tuesday, 11/30/2010 21+
    • 08:30 pm | $Free!
    • 0
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  • http://myspace.com/kingdomofmagic http://myspace.com/wizardrifle …more
    • ducketts
    • Tuesday, 6/29/2010 21+
    • 9 | $free
    • 0
    • 0
  • dont be foolish and spend your hard earned cash at the bar. …more
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  • Bring the Bar Mosh!
    • dunes
    • Saturday, 3/13/2010 21+
    • 9p | $?
    • 0
    • 0
    • this is not happening tonight! FEBRUARY 5th is the…more
      • backspace
      • Saturday, 1/23/2010 AA
      • 8PM | $~5?
      • 0
      • 0
    • ambient/drone/metal/doom/experimental/a tasty blend of the…more
      • 0
      • 0
    • Thee Letting Forth of Fire rock and they're playing for free so…more
      • plan b
      • Saturday, 11/14/2009 21+
      • 9p | $free
      • 0
      • 0
      May 17 2011 5
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      PDX Pop Now! Unveils Compilation Track List And Release Show

      Portland music fans will be pleased to find out that PDX Pop Now! has announced the track listing for the eighth installment of their much heralded compilation.. The 2-disc set is stacked with 41 tracks from some of Portland OR's finest musicians.. O Bruxo, Blue Skies For Black Hearts, Swahili, Lost Lander, along with DJ papi chulo and DJ GIGANTE, have been tapped to perform and provide music between bands at this year's CD Release Benefit which will be held June 2nd at Holocene (1001 SE Morrison St.). The cover is $10 and that will include a copy of the 2011 PDX Pop Now!. Compilation CD.

      Check out the full article

      Aug 12 2011 0
      posted in: info

      Transient Benefit Shows!

      In case you missed the post directly below this one, awesome PDX band (but you know that already) Transient got roughed up and needs some community love.. Check out the benefit shows and toss em some scratchon their way to savannah, georgia on tour, transient was in a head on collision when an suv flew over the median and landed on them. krysta had to be airlifted to the hospital and had to have surgery on her wrist plus her hip put back into place. the van has been totaled and they need help with medical and other bills. there will also be a raffle for some seriously awesome prizes.Sunday, 8/14/2011 @ RottureAtriarchWizard RifleDavis HookerSluaghOrder Of The GashChasmaSaturday, 8/27/2011 @ Plan BElitestBasment AnimalSpectral TombsAtrocity ExhibitionHeavy VoodooTransient updates + donations here

      Check out the full article

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      Jake Math, experimental, prog rock this Saturday at No Fun with Rainbow Face and Basso Profondo
      -10/20/2021 10:31:21 AM
      madp aka dj cabana sort down to new york flooding guys cheers
      -10/18/2021 11:31:15 AM
      Uk raver lover its fans coming here and far
      -10/18/2021 11:25:06 AM
      madp aka dj cabana Not Sure IF there on earth with the killer flu around anyway back on tour guys enjoy your kids dont need its at all
      -10/18/2021 11:23:16 AM
      show me who put the bad words on my company
      -10/18/2021 11:04:32 AM
      Agit @lake oswego festival of the arts [Sep 26, 2021] » spammy, spam, spam, for events that don't exist
      -9/26/2021 4:38:19 PM
      jo jo @_undisclosed - respect it [Sep 11, 2021] » spam
      -9/7/2021 3:26:56 PM
      Eazt Syde Punx No good shows for studded hardcore drunk street punx.
      -8/2/2021 1:59:39 PM
      Jake @hawthorne hideaway [Aug 12, 2021] » Rainbow Face is back at Hawthorne Hideaway Aug 12!
      -8/1/2021 10:36:55 AM
      Eazt Syde Punx Country, cowpunk, outlaw country is fuckin lame! PLAY PUNK!!!!!
      -7/13/2021 3:16:38 PM
      Some Bozo Copy and paste to see deleted past shows: https://web.archive.org/web/20200316101200/https://pc-pdx.com/show-guide/ ¤ Pick a venue, then choose a date to see their prior gigs. Happy searching.
      -6/30/2021 3:39:27 AM
      show-bot! @lot at zidell yards, the [Jun 12, 2021] » Yes! Shows!
      -6/11/2021 12:48:17 PM
      Sid Much Rock In town until Saturday. No shows? Ain't ya'll vaxed yet?
      -6/8/2021 9:34:02 PM
      se deadboy i'm vaxxed. lets POGO 503!
      -5/12/2021 9:52:33 PM
      hell_831town@yahoo.com so sad to the list so bare, thanks for keeping everyone safe yall
      -5/6/2021 4:16:59 PM
      Computer_Blue2021 @old nicks [Jan 11, 2016] » The copy of the poster I uploaded is autographed.
      -3/28/2021 12:04:17 PM
      Computer_Blue2021 @red room [Mar 29, 2011] » Bad@Best did not play this show, Cuntagious did.
      -3/28/2021 11:15:21 AM
      Computer_Blue2021 @red room [Mar 18, 2011] » I designed this poster back in the day, I have multiple editions so although the date is wrong, this is the correct poster for this show, I will keep looking for the edition with the correct date.
      -3/28/2021 11:07:34 AM
      Conor Hello Alex old friend, you still there? It's Conor from Belfast Ireland remember me from Portland days. Remember the gig in our basement northeast Portland? Miss you brother hope to see you next time in Portland. Big respect Conor
      -1/23/2021 12:42:04 PM
      好好干发图 ¤ ¤
      -12/25/2020 7:49:49 AM
      bastardsalt Hey everyone! Hope all is well and safe. May the shred be with you during these uncertain times. Tootles
      -12/7/2020 1:33:57 PM
      dustinshane Hello from Maine! Can't wait to visit Portland again and scope out some music.
      -11/26/2020 8:07:30 AM
      andy hi
      -11/19/2020 12:11:58 AM
      agit I miss you portland music scene. Fuck covid, power to the people! I hope things have been good for you showbot!
      -11/14/2020 10:43:05 PM
      show-bot! TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH
      -11/3/2020 6:12:59 AM
      Goodwin7070 asas
      -9/29/2020 8:12:51 AM
      Andy ?
      -9/5/2020 6:57:31 PM
      madp aka dj cabana did you miss me poof its i the best on earth now you can see back to save you go bot lucky men no 1 in the world
      -8/18/2020 3:46:17 AM
      yung ego death anyone? lol
      -7/7/2020 4:51:23 AM
      yung ego death Oh I forgot to say in the dark music/goth/punk/alt/experimental realms~Cheerz
      -7/3/2020 12:20:08 AM
      yung ego death Hello Shout box world ! I'm looking for Black and Indigenous DJs and Musicians for a physically distant outdoor event...Hit me up if this rings any bells!
      -7/3/2020 12:18:09 AM
      Jason @blackwater [Mar 21, 2020] » All the bands listed are good except for that shitt band Neck Romancer
      -3/17/2020 2:53:08 AM
      Electric Ring @twilight bar and cafe [Mar 28, 2020] » Old Iron from Seattle, in Portland, two weeks!!
      -3/12/2020 5:23:31 PM
      Dash Heavy tuesday returns at twilight tonight! 9pm sharp!
      -3/10/2020 12:22:04 PM
      Bastard Salt @waypost, the [Mar 06, 2020] » https://facebook.com/events/s/mouthbreather-album-release-ba/169191271054773
      -3/4/2020 11:59:40 AM
      Halloweener, Chair Project, Bohr, FriendZone @killingsworth dynasty [Feb 23, 2020] » SUNDAY SUNDAY! Solo acts from members of Nasalrod & Summer Cannibals will play w/The Halloweener & FriendZone at Killingsworth Dynasty! DO IT!!
      -2/22/2020 12:20:11 PM
      derp “Accept His Noodly Magnificence into your heart, into your soul, and ye shall forever be free. R'Amen.” ¤ —Ragu on Pastafarianism
      -2/17/2020 9:21:45 AM
      Clement Acts 16:31, 1 Corinthians 15:1-8, 1 Peter 1:17-21, Revelation 22:18-19
      -2/14/2020 1:34:03 PM
      Clement test
      -2/14/2020 1:29:53 PM
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